Konkkaronkka kansikuva


“What makes you happy?”
“Why everybody needs friends?”
“How do you know that your friend is sad?”
“What makes you scared?”
“Hug your friend.”


Konkkaronkka- board game

In Konkkaronkka game “Rabbit” has invited his friends to a birthday party. “Mouse”, “Squirrel”, “Owl” and “Fox” leaves to the road and they have to solve tasks during this trip. They collect pieces of a jigsaw puzzle during the trip and at the end of the game the whole group can have a good time.

Konkkaronkka is a board game which has been planned for children from the ages of four to seven. The main goals of this board game are: to increase children's socio-emotional development, and development of their body movement. When playing the game children solve tasks dealing with social and emotional questions. This game gives them joy and happiness.

Konkkaronkka has been developed to support educators´ daily educational work. The game has been implemented in co-operation with professionals of early childhood special education to prevent and to fix socio-emotional difficulties. At the same time it supports all the children´s comprehensive development. Konkkaronkka is a tool for the professionals of early childhood education, early childhood special education, elementary school, child welfare and the welfare of the mentally disabled.

From idea to innovation

Konkkaronkka board game was created by Laurea students during their study period. Afterwards its development and production was made in co-operation with multidisciplinary student and expert teams among others and early childhood special education experts in Laurea University of Applied Sciences in Hyvinkää. There were social services, business management, industrial design and IT students working in co-operation with instructing lecturers.